Searching For Prefixes Using AOL

You may frequently receive an overuse message (using the AOL browser) when you have personally NOT used our service. Here is a work-around submitted by an AOL user. We tried it and it works!

  • Connect to the Internet using AOL.
  • Once connected, minimize the AOL browser.
  • Launch another browser (such as Firefox or IE) from your "desktop."
  • Type in (or copy/paste) in the location box.
  • Perform your search.

    Hopefully this will work most of the time (but don't complain if it doesn't).

    We will be forever grateful to the AOL user who told us about this "fix" to the AOL search problem. We always wanted AOL users to be able to do searches for prefix locations but it was AOL that was the problem, not us. Now we see that it is the AOL "browser" that is the problem, not AOL itself.