Area Code 415 History - California

Significant events for area code 415

1947 One of three original area codes for California. 213 covered the southern area of the state, Central California was covered by 415 and northern California was covered by 916 .
1950 The boundaries for California area codes were moved. 415 was extended northward to the Oregon border and 916 was moved to the northeastern area of the state. Bakersfield was moved to 213 and Sacramento was moved to 916 .
1959 Area code 415 was split three ways, with 707 covering the north coastal area and 408 covering the South Bay Area.
1991 Area code 415 was split, with 510 covering the East Bay.
1997 Area code 415 was split, with 650 covering central and southern San Mateo County.
2015 Area code 628 was overlaid on 415.