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telephone numbers / prefixes in any U.S. area code.

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This is a directory of U.S. telephone prefixes and their CENTRAL OFFICE geographical locations. This is where the prefix equipment is located and is (many times) different than the service location / rate center location. Each area code has its own search page.

IF you want the Service and/or Rate Center locations, GO HERE! .

This telephone number /prefix CENTRAL OFFICE location search service is compiled from available information. Some of that information is in conflict with other information. We do the best we can.

This list is updated on a regular basis but not as frequently as the service location/rate center list.

Caveat: Although we have done our best to provide accurate information, errors can and will creep in. We will correct any and all errors that we find or are brought to our attention at the next update.

You can only look up ONE area code/prefix at a time and only by typing in a three number prefix. Typing in anything else will just give you an "error message" as the program will not be able to find anything but ONE prefix in this specific area code.