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Telephone Prefix Location Directory
Listing Standards / How You Can Help

Listing Standards

Generally, locations shown are cities and towns. These usually coincide with the telephone company's official name but there are exceptions.

If we list a more specific location, the official name is in [brackets] after the more specific location given (in most cases).

In doing our compilation we find some prefixes where there is conflicting information as to the location. We use what we feel is the more reliable information. We will correct any incorrect information that is brought to our attention and that we are able to verify.

How You Can Help

Help us keep the listings up-to-date and accurate by sending us an email here about additions, errors and corrections. Before sending be sure to read the above information as what may appear to be an error may not be. Submitted information is researched and verified before being included in our database. It can be up to 60 days for the information to appear online, depending on when you sent us the info and the time of the next update after we research it.

The listings undergo regular updating as the information becomes available. More specific prefix location information is added as we deem appropriate. The final decision as to the listed location name is ours. 32