What's New!

5/3/2018 Added a Central Office (Prefix Equipment) Locations search engine. More details at this link.

Added communities with post offices. Many prefixes serve more than one community. More detailed community information added every month.

Area Code History Includes information on splits and overlays.

4/14/2017 New Area Codes 2017 / 2018

4/7/2017 All Possible Area Codes and Other Codes (assigned, not assigned, special, etc.) (with their status) The "North American Numbering Plan" has a myriad of area and special codes. Here you will find each code and what it is for.

2/18/2017 Telephone Cities / Rate Centers (with area codes). A listing of all of the rate centers and communities we have in our database, one page for each state, province and Caribbean country.